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Seduction coaching

How we organize pick-up training and seduction coaching

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Online Coaching

• You sign up for a coaching session
• You receive coursbooks with practical tasks
• You contact your coach via Skype or e-mail
• Each course is followed by an individualized hometask
• The coaching lenth is 10 hours
• At the end of the 10th hour you will have at least 2-3  beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women interested in you

Coaching in Ukraine

• See the schedule of trainings, check the availability of free places and choose your group.
• You pay 20% of pick up training cost
• You receive preparation materials that you study at home. Your contact your coach by Skype, telephone or email.
• 2 web conferences are held after theoretical material study.
• Kharkov, Ukraine was chosen as the basic city for the following reasons: you do not need a visa to come to Ukraine; Kharkiv has a reputation for being inhabited by the most beautiful women in Ukraine; it is a big city (1,5 million inhabitants) that guarantees a big quantity of women. All this provides ideal conditions for seduction and pick up training. In summer the training course can be held in Crimea at the Black Sea shore.
• We provide transfers daily from Kharkov airport and the day before the training courses start from Kiev Borispil airport.
• We will ensure your accommodation and will book you a hotel room or an apartment
• The duration of training course is 5 days including 2 days of training (theory during the day and pick up under coach supervision in the evenings), 2 days of outdoors pick up practice (individual pick up work under supervision of the coach, followed by seduction activities) and 1 day free (excursions, visits and pick up without assistance)
• You can stay in Kharkiv after the end of coaching to pick up Russian and Ukraianian women . You'll enjoy our assistance 24/24 free until your departure.</p>