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Seduction coaching

About seduction coaching and pick-up trainings team

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We are a team of professionals working in the field of dating since 1998 when we launched the first dating agency with site that still works and provides services of Dating Rusisan and Ukrainian women with 100% antiscam protection In 2008 when the quantity of dating scammers has exceeded all limits we have launched a project  protecting men against Russian scammers with
Our experience in these two fields has convinced us that men prefer the natural and direct contact with Russian and Ukrainian women (which could give the dating websites if not saturated by scammer) with security protection (offered by most marriage agencies).
The possiblity of direct dating with seduction coaching and pick up training allows men to satisfy all their needs to have a free and permanent pick up and seduction tool to contact Russian women without paying to agencies and without any risk to bt scammed by Russian women

You may also use help of our English-oriented anti-scammer list of Russian women: checking of letters, documents verification