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Seduction coaching

Seduction coaching, scam protection and pick-up beautiful Ukrainian and Russian girls training

Dating agencies require up to 2000EUR with no guarantee of the outcome?

You come across  Russian scammers if you are trying to contact women directly?

Looking for real, unlimited, free contacts with beautiful Russian girls with no scammers or agencies?

The solution is !!!

Online ... From your home ... Anonymous ... Evenings and weekends ... Just 10 lessons ... 2 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice

and you know ....

Where to look for beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women and how to detect scammers
How to present yourself to produce a positive impression
How to dredge the most beautiful girls from Russia and Ukraine
How to seduce without spending a dime
How to master various dating techniques

You think it costs more than 500EUR?

No, the regular price is just 149EUR.

Wait .... but that's not all .... we have a surprise for you ....

Coaching is absolutely FREE without any conditions until April 1, 2015 !!!

Just fill out the form and get the 1st lesson

Gallery of picked-up girls from Kharkov, Ukraine